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Many states are withdrawing funding for women’s abortion and women’s health clinics.

2. Health professionals attempt to create language that is more inclusive of experiences with different bodies, sexualities, genders and families, but they also still use the language of shame and disorder. Medical articles focus on people who are diagnosed with congenital adrenal hyperplasia or Mayer Rokitansky Kuster Hauser Syndrome and who need immediate medical attention to fix the problem, such as surgery or hormonal treatment. However psychological interventions are mostly excluded from the research.

3. Sexual differentiation is a critical developmental process, and causes structural and functional differences between sexes. The Y chromosome affects an undifferentiated gonad so that it develops into testis and the lack of Y gene causes an undifferentiated gonad to develop into an ovary. During puberty, the testis secretes testosterone, and the ovary secretes estrogen and progesterone. Sex steroids find receptors in the brain to trigger sexually dimorphic behaviors. Sexually dimorphic patterns can be explained by different expression of genes, GIF268 and ERK2.

4. As women in our evolutionary past risked enormous investment as a consequence of having sex, evolution favored women who were highly selective about their mates. The selective cues are components of desire, economic capacity, social status, age, ambition, industriousness, dependability, stability, intelligence, compatibility, size, strength, good health, love and commitment. These qualities provide important information about the benefits a potential partner can bestow, such as the acquisition and steadiness of resources, and solutions to the problem of protection.

In the modern world, successful women place an even greater value than less successful women on mates who have professional degrees, high social status and greater intelligence, an

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