Compose A 500 Words Essay On Provider Patient Relationship Privacy And Confident

Compose a 500 words essay on Provider-Patient Relationship: Privacy and Confidentiality. Needs to be plagiarism free!

“Privacy is the ability to control the disclosure and use of the information about the patient “(Marin & Bakken, 2001, p.74). When the patient give all the intimate and personal information about his health and life to the nurse, he expects the information to remain private and not to be disclosed to anyone. The expectation of the patient that no information of his will be revealed to anyone under any circumstances is called confidentiality (Marin & Bakken, 2001, p.74). Nurses are the epitome of trust, understanding, care and love and hence, they should practice privacy, security and confidentiality of the patient with great care.

It is the ethical and the legal duty of the health care providers to keep the information related to the patient confidential (Scott, 2000, p.104). The state and the federal law are well aware of these duties of the health care providers and they cannot force them to reveal any information about the patient(Scott, 2000, p.104). The patient, during the sessions with his nurse becomes emotionally involved and develops a bond with the nurse. This emotional bond creates a feeling of trust and hence, the patient ‘opens up’ and shares all his personal information with the nurse (Scott, 2000, p.104). The duty of the health care providers to keep the patient’s information confidential is considered a privilege (Scott, 2000, p.104).

However, there are many emergency situations that put the health care providers in dilemma. Particularly those situations are difficult where the patients are involved in a criminal activity and nurses have to decide whether to reveal the information to the police or not. In these cases,