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Compose a 500 words essay on Reflection 4. Needs to be plagiarism free!

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I would argue that globalization has contributed equally in enhancing benefits and burdens to society. For instance, I would also maintain that globalization has been taking us to the brink of collapse (in near future) because despite constant attention global warming issue through organized platforms of OECD, United Nations and others etc., the grave issue is still unresolved. It should be highlighted that future population increase would lead to surge in consumption of fossil fuels and consumer products so how could global warming be resolved. I would maintain that compelling firms to reduce their carbon emissions is a temporary solution because aggregate impact would again lead to disaster. Hence, there is immediate need to focus on alternative sources such as windmill and solar energy for power generation followed by complete replacement of fuel cars with hybrid vehicles. Forests have to be protected and increased through continuous focus on tree plantation worldwide. In short, short-term foresting measures will not result in permanent solution to environmental degradation. I would also argue that developed nations such as USA, UK, Japan, Germany, Mexico, Italy, Sweden etc.