Compose A 500 Words Essay On Summaary Needs To Be Plagiarism Free People Belongi

Compose a 500 words essay on Summaary. Needs to be plagiarism free!

People belonging from different backgrounds can only maintain balance, when they realize success and achievement is due to their skills, not association with any popular race, firm or an institution.

Media has played significant role in promoting stereotype thoughts into the minds of its viewers and it’s done in such an invisible and natural manner, that people cannot see it directly but accept it as a rational way of behaving with race, gender and color. Movies are an important part of American culture and people who design them are consciously aware of the impacts on audience. Therefore, they are promoting the manipulative ideas like black for evil and white for heroism and the constant denial of feminist theory, in a sleeker manner.

Hooks believes that&nbsp.“mass media was used to get women out of the factory and back into the home,” (Hooks, 2002). That the stereotype didn’t want them out, competing them. but wanted to show them as sex devices kept at home for pleasure.

White supremacist capitalist patriarchy stands for viewing life from not just one perspective like gender, race or age but form a wider horizon. Colonization makes a person aware of his link with certain race and hence enables a person how the white world or the political powers, wants him to behave and deals his business around because the policy has been set by them. Racism is not produced by white people who are all around but it is a system developed by white capalist which people are following nonetheless.

Critical vigilance is required for becoming full aware of what is around and how it is supposed to be dealt with. Literacy is the main source which can make a person proactive in a racist environment and enable him to act unbiased towards others. “Freedom and justice are connected to mass based literacy” (Hooks, 2002). A person can only achieve freedom and justice when he is aware of his rights