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Compose a 500 words essay on Summary. Needs to be plagiarism free!

The bright examples of these reactions can be segregation and discrimination of black people, which caused numerous deaths in XXth century, or protests against homosexual individuals that may be observed even today in some countries. The main factors that affect and may encourage hate crimes are family, upbringing, education, friends, personal experiences, media, events and psychological condition of a person (Parvis, 2013). In this respect, from the very childhood, each individual should be properly educated in order to prevent any form of discrimination in our modern world of diversity.

Discrimination is the major factor that encourages great challenges for the humanity. It is a decision formed under the influence of prejudice against specific race, class, nation, gender, sexual orientation or religion, which results in racism, sexism, homophobia and other negative sequences. According to different scientists, all social events that have “ism” configuration cause significant damage to our society that suffered a lot from various forms of discrimination in the past (Parvis, 2013). Diversity in the workplace presupposes a total liquidation of any discrimination and provision of equal opportunities for every employee despite their gender, age, nationality, sexual preferences or color of skin. There should be no place for harassment in the diversified working environment. For being able to properly comprehend all the challenges of diversity, it is imperative to realize the existence and influence of dominant privilege that forces some non-dominant groups to take lower position in the society. A powerful element of diversity that raises peoples awareness and enlightenment about other cultures, nations and ethnicities is verbal and non-verbal communication.

The nature of international business presupposes interactions and combinations of various cultures and traditions. However, frequently, the lack of peoples