Compose A 500 Words Essay On The Common Traits Shared Between Goodman Brown And

Compose a 500 words essay on The Common Traits shared Between Goodman Brown and The grandmother. Needs to be plagiarism free!

ome instances, the character traits of Goodman Brown, the protagonist in “Young Goodman Brown” and The grandmother, the Protagonist in “A Good Man is Hard to Find” are closely related hence used appropriately to present themes and enhance flow of the stories.

Both characters are dominant as evident in the two stories. Dominance is a situation where by an individual is in control of a situation and determined in achieving an ultimate goal. Further, the individual believes and trusts the heart and mind in efforts to fulfill one’s desire. The grandmother proves indomitable when the idea of going to Florida on their vacation is raised in the family. Through her dominant character, she does not approve the idea and tries convincing the family otherwise (Diyanni 203). She wins her family’s confidence and henceforth alters their plans, which later led them to their tragedy. Although she is determined in fulfilling her desires of going to Tennessee, her resolution lacks importance and she ultimately resorts to deception in order to get her way (204). This then carries heavy consequences. On the other hand, Goodman Brown proves dominant in his determination to go on a journey to the forest to accomplish an unknown task (84). Despite pleas from his wife, Faith, he is stubborn in fulfilling his desire of meeting the unknown stranger. Just like The grandmother, his decision leads him to trouble since his encounter with the stranger who is depicted as the devil turns him wicked in everything he perceives (85).

Second, both characters are religious. First, Goodman proves his religious character when he reminds his wife to say her prayers before going to bed (85). This portrays some spiritual aspect in them. In addition, when Goodman is convinced by the devil to take a walk with him, he murmurs that good and honest Christians would never approve such a walk. This shows his stand on Christianity as a religion. Likewise, The grandmother is portrayed as religious