Compose A 500 Words Essay On U03d1 Medicare Level Of Care Needs To Be Plagiarism

Compose a 500 words essay on U03d1 Medicare Level of Care. Needs to be plagiarism free!

There is also a Part D which covers for prescription drugs.

The Part D that has been provided with the insurance is for the prescription drugs and this was mainly intended to improve the access of individuals to choose from different health plans based on their individual needs and requirements (Jacobson & Anderson, 2010). The main intension and idea of the Part D was to provide assistance to the senior citizens who were unable to afford a separate drug cover for the prescription drugs.

In an article by Shaviro he explains, “The design of the new prescription drug benefit almost ensures that it will soon be expanded. True insurance provides people with coverage against worst-case scenarios, such as having to pay a lot for healthcare when they become gravely ill. It does not offer first-dollar coverage of routine expenses. this would merely encourage waste and be a handout to anyone who received the coverage without having to pay for it. But true insurance is not politically popular, because if you lose your insurance “bet” by not actually having a catastrophe that would trigger its coverage, you may complain, after the fact, that you didnt get anything out of it” (Shaviro, 2004).

There have been numerous views and ideas that have been provided over the years for the viability of Part D of the Medicare. Several authors like Neuman and Cubanski, 2009, explain that one of best ways to reduce the costs is only of the government works towards negotiation with the pharmaceuticals rather than the private companies working towards the negotiations. The authors also talk about another program which will be introduced in 2010, and is known as the voucher demonstration project.

To conclude the paper it is safe to say that the future of the Part D is mainly dependent on the costs and the cost cutting would lead to bettered performance of this part