Compose A 500 Words Essay On Who You Are What Defines Who You Are Needs To Be Pl

Compose a 500 words essay on Who you are what defines who you are. Needs to be plagiarism free!

I was born and grown up in South Korea where I lived until I was 17 years old. I have come to the U.S to pursue my studies and higher goals in my life and to get more experience about the larger world. Currently, I’m planning to transfer to UCLA because my girlfriend is studying here. I’m a Christian in religion and an aspirant of economics in career (I did my Major in economics). Three essential factors that determine or define who I am today are money (I believe in the power of money in today’s world), my girlfriend (she has changed my life entirely), and my self-consciousness (I’ve always been self-conscious – so I bought an expensive car, fancy stuff, nice house, etc.).

The most essential factor that defines who I am is money and I am very honest and frank in admitting that money is everything in my life. From my personal experience, I have realized that money is so powerful in contemporary world that it can resolve even the hard-hitting issues of daily life. Whenever I got into a trouble, money was powerful enough to solve it and get me relieved from the issue. Therefore, I believe in the power of money which can make real life for human beings. My education has been connected with my faith in the power of money and I have acquired my major in economics. All my education and career orientation have been directed towards the goal of achieving money in life. Economics can help me understand the various aspects of money and offer a means to earn the same.

Secondly, I believe, it is the relationship with my girlfriend which has tremendously influenced my definition of what I am today. It is my girlfriend who has changed my life drastically and has influenced me in formulating my life. She has been the essential source of inspiration and courage in my life for the last several years. I am fortunate to enjoy her love and care all through the last several years and she has given me the real meaning of my life. Today, as I reflect on who I