Compose A 750 Words Essay On Electrification Transforms City Life 1880 Needs To

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Electric powered street cars became developed, and electric trolleys in the 1880’s, made it possible for the rich and those in the middle class, to move smoothly in the newly constructed rail lines and trolleys. These trolleys allowed people to move smoothly from the business districts to their residential neighborhoods. This led to expanded and increased city limits and suburbs became developed. The developed suburbs allowed the wealthy families enjoy their privacy and ownership of their homes without sacrificing the excitement of the city.2

The introduction of the modern convenience and the vast technological marvels, such as indoor plumbing, telephone and the famous Brooklyn Bridge provided an appealing aura that attracted thousands of people to the city. Cities grew upwards and outwards. The tallest building in the US was the Trinity Church in New York before the invention of electricity. This got overtaken later by the New York World building, a 26 storey building. The growing size of the office buildings showed the healthy and vibrant growing economy. All businesses, steel mills and factories experienced an increase in their profits.3

The invention of electricity in turn saw the arrival of new technologies. These technologies enabled the constructions of buildings taller and bigger than before. The newly built sky scrapers needed elevators to transport people. In 1870’s, six storey buildings used steam powered elevators that became characterized by cables that got wound around a gigantic rotating drum. These elevators were not appropriate for taller buildings, because the drums would have to be abnormally large. During the 1880’s, with the invention of electricity, the invented electric elevator provided a more practical and suitable solution.1

The built tall buildings needed ventilation systems to cool them during the summer period and heat them during the winter. The ventilation systems adopted in the 1860’s, required steam powered