Compose A 750 Words Essay On Ethics Wssay Needs To Be Plagiarism Free This Good

Compose a 750 words essay on Ethics wssay. Needs to be plagiarism free!

This good reputation will continue earning it more revenues owing to the fact that more customers repurchase vehicles and attracts new customers. The employees of the organization will feel that their employer cares about them and for this reason they will have the impetus to increase their productivity, and there will be a reduction in labor turnover (Institute, 2010).

However, the organization will be experience some bottlenecks in case the legislature passes laws that will strip off its tax benefits. The operations of the organization will have to change and there will be lower profits. Uncertainty is not good for business. the organization should always strive to be in control or to influence action where possible.

Volkswagen can allow the vote to go through as this is in line with the organization’s ethical culture of promoting the workers’ welfare. The Promotion of the workers’ welfare will enhance productivity, minimize the labor expenses ascribed to the exit of employees, and maintain a good public image. The organization also needs to gain support from the legislature and the governor on the importance of ethical behavior to a flourishing business. This meeting with the law-making authorities is essential for the out and out clarification of the rationale for the decision in order for the organization to limit the probability of negative consequences. The organization needs to let the state know that the success of the business is advantageous to the state in terms of additional revenue generation. An explanation to the state will also give the organization an even better reputation for risking its business for the welfare of its employees (Institute, 2010). This decision will portray the organization as one that has a commitment to bringing positive change in the culture of non-unionism. The state is likely to support the organization in the quest to maintain the state’s popularity as a caring authority for its citizen’s welfare.