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Compose a 750 words essay on Ethnography Assignment Worksheet 2. Needs to be plagiarism free!

She said, “Who’d know better than me. Regee’s and my day is incomplete unless we’ve been to this place.” From this interview, my perception of lack of a class system in the Veterans Park strengthened. I found that the Park is truly a place of enjoyment for everyone. The most interesting thing I found while conducting this research was the participation of children. Children as little as under five years of age did not even understand what I was talking with their parents about. Terms like racism were new to some.

I found very positive changes in the Veterans Park. The Veterans Park has been decorated to make it look even more beautiful and appealing. The new park has a walkway laid out with brick pavers. A new flag pole has also been placed recently. The Park administration intends to develop the park further with the help of money collected for the walkway. Rules of Conduct have also been introduced lately to take objective control over any possible incidents of racism or discrimination that might happen in the park. The Rules of Conduct require the visitors to keep the park clean. The visitors are forbidden to make use of obscene, racist, lewd, or vulgar language while in the park. The Rules of Conduct forbid the visitors to abuse or threaten anybody in the park. They clearly demonstrate that any attempt of harming any visitor will be dealt strictly and prompt action will be taken against the offender. In addition to that, the Rules of Conduct also encourage the visitors to display ethics in their mannerism by being truthful, nice, and proactive in reporting the administration of the park of any abusive events.

The park is visited by both the homeless and the non-homeless people. Generally, the two groups of people do not sit next to each other in the park. One can sense a lack of association between the two groups of people but despite that, the homeless people are always greeting the people walking by regardless of their