Compose A 750 Words Essay On Menu Comparison Needs To Be Plagiarism Free Digital

Compose a 750 words essay on Menu Comparison. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Digital displays menus provide digital displays of food and beverages products offered by the restaurant. Online menus utilize the website illustrations of products offered by the restaurants (Goodale 58).

This menu comparison paper illustrates the similarities and differences of menus of two popular restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area. These restaurants are Saison Restaurant and Maruya restaurant. The Maruya restaurant is operated by Chefs Hide Suyeoshi and Masaki Sasaki. The chefs are both sushi chef trained in Tokyo. The operating philosophy of the chefs entails simplicity presentation of the sushi. In order to get the desired simplicity level, the chefs follow meticulous fish preparation steps. The restaurant also offers the sushi bar. The bar is modeled according to Tokyo style requirements. Maruya’s sushi bar is the most unique aspect in the entire San Francisco Bay Area. The sushi bar is made using 7 inches of the handcrafted Cyprus wood. The wine selection at the Maruya restaurant is carefully selected. Majority of wine products at the Maruya restaurant are French and Italian wines. The wines are used to compliment the fish. For customers who love sake, there are several sake products to choose from. from dry sake to full body sake.

Saison restaurant sources each and every item used to make its food and beverage products, from the surrounding areas. Saison illustrates the abundant resources found in the San Francisco bay Area. Every morning, a new menu is developed according to the finest offerings from the network of farms, fisheries and ranches. Saison offers unique American style dining approach. This gives it a competitive advantage in the restaurant sector of San Francisco Bay Area. Therefore, customers get a satisfactory experience due to the unique products and services offered by the restaurant.

There are several equipment and materials that are used in preparation and storage of menus. Paper menu is the