Compose A 750 Words Essay On Most Important Events In The History Of Los Angeles

Compose a 750 words essay on Most important events in the history of Los Angeles. Needs to be plagiarism free!

The main objective of the report is to be able to present certain events in the history of the city of Los Angeles to achieve the present condition of economy and social status that it has now.

One of the important events in the history of Los Angeles is the discovery of oil credited to Edward L. Doheny in 1892. Although prior to the said event there are indications of the knowledge of the people and settlers regarding the said deposit, Doheny is responsible for making the deposit known. The said event initialized the economic growth of the city when a large number of oil companies decided to invest and settle in the city limits if Los Angeles (La Botz 41). The importance of the said even lies on the significance of oil in the economy of the city. From the onset of the oil industry in Los Angeles, a number of other industries started to develop and helped the state of economy of the city.

Another even that can be considered important in the history of the city of Los Angeles is the establishment of the Pacific Electric Railway. Through the said mode of transportation, the economic transactions and works of people are accomplished in a shorter period of time. In addition, being one of the basic necessities for traveling, the said form of public transportation aid the socio-economic state to improve. The Pacific Electric Railway covers the Southern California area in the 1920’s, connecting Los Angeles and Orange Counties (Henstell 13).

Another event that can be considered to improve the economy of the city of Los Angeles is the establishment of the harbor in 1907-1909. The said even ushered the rise of related industries such as fishing, canneries, oil drilling and shipbuilding. These industries resulted in the improvement of commerce in the city specifically due to the fact that harbors are major sites of trading activities. The increasing number of related industries can also be considered in the increase in the