Compose A 750 Words Essay On On Completing Your Hnd You Are Hired As A Trainee M

Compose a 750 words essay on On completing your HND, you are hired as a Trainee Manager by Excelsior PLC, an international hotel chain. The job offers business experience, management development and future opportunities. Needs to be plagiarism free!

When disputes arise, it would be very difficult and sometimes impossible for the parties to enforce their legal rights due to lack of evidence.

In written contracts parties sign to signify commitment. If disputes arise, signed document accordingly serves as a source of information to apportion liability (Treitel, 2003). Written contracts are preferable to oral contracts when the subject matter is complex necessitating constant reference to the agreement.

Online contracts also form legally binding agreements. The main benefits of online contracts are convenience and cheaper as parties save time and resources needed to meet. A party can offer inaccurate information to induce the other into action. It may later lead to the contract being void or voidable (Furmston, 2003).

A valid contract was not formed. When a seller advertises prices, it is not strictly treated as a unilateral offer that can be accepted by a specified action. Instead the advertisement is treated as an invitation to treat and the seller reserves the right to sell to whoever he prefers at a higher or lower price from the stated price.

Cheltenham Hotel should be ready to compensate the guest as the courts will most likely find it liable for the loss of her fur coat. The contract is on sided. The hotel is guilty of concealing the information regarding the responsibility of the guest to take care of her property. It would not be reasonable for the guest to see the small print with the warning.

Downtown hotel does have a claim under the contract. Similar to the case in 2.2 above, the term limiting liability to £10000 renders the contract one sided. Enforcing this term gives the supplier the onus to be careless with the software knowing that they cannot be forced to pay more than £10000. A contract without limits of liability is better than the current one as the supplier is obligated to make good of any shortcomings of the