Compose A 750 Words Essay On Personal Responsibility Needs To Be Plagiarism Free

Compose a 750 words essay on Personal Responsibility. Needs to be plagiarism free!

There is a definite connection between attaining success in one’s college studies and taking personal responsibility for one’s study habits. A student cannot achieve academic success as part of a group or by holding another person to be responsible for his or her academic achievements. Excellent grades are not something that any student just stumbles upon. They are achieved after calculated efforts are made by a student to achieve them. The student has to work make great effort to achieve them. In most cases, students have to form study plans that may include holding regular consultations with the teachers of subjects where they are weak. These study plans have to be formed early in their college experience so that they have time to test them and make needed adjustments where necessary.

In order for the student to stick to a study plan, he or she has to be able to motivate themselves and practice self discipline. College is a particularly confusing and sometimes exaspering time for students who are accustomed to the strictures of high school and a structured life that is monitored by parents. In college, students are faced with the freedom to choose what they wish to do. This freedom can negatively affect students who were academic achievers in high school, but have no sense of personal discipline. For a student to be able to achieve good grades in college, self-discipline is more than necessary because there will always be distractions. Self discipline, the creation of a study plan, and self motivation is not possible for a student that has not taken personal responsibility for his or her academic achievements. Personal responsibility gives a student the capacity to be able to monitor him or herself and contribute to personal academic success (Gelb, 2006).

Most students tend to make study plans that are too idealistic or