Compose A 750 Words Essay On Psychopathy By Definition Needs To Be Plagiarism Fr

Compose a 750 words essay on PSYCHOPATHY: By Definition. Needs to be plagiarism free!

For example, it is quite possible that a person may undergo severe emotional problems, if he comes across with an illegal relationship of his life partner. These emotional problems sometimes attain the proportions of psychopathy and he may begin to consider all the females in this world as cheaters. He may suppress his emotions or feelings up to a particular period of time and beyond that it becomes uncontrollable. As a result, he will start his war against the females at some point of time. This paper briefly explains the characteristics of a psychopath

“In many instances, the magnetic attraction of the psychopath for members of the opposite sex seems almost supernatural” (THE PSYCHOPATH – The Mask of Sanity, n. d). One of the major characteristics of psychopaths is the attraction towards opposite sex. As mentioned in the earlier example, a male who was cheated by his female life partner may develop pleasure while raping other females. It is not necessary that his vengeance may focus only on his life partner. He will consider all the females in this world as cheaters and will consider killing or attacking females as his moral responsibility. Because of the above feeling he may not possess any guilty consciousness, even after committing serious crimes. Some psychopaths even consider themselves as a person, authorized by the God to punish the culprits.

Since most of the psychopaths behave normally in the society, it is difficult to identify their deviant behaviors or characters. These people often behave decently in their public life whereas they show their deviant behavior in their private life. In many cases, even the criminal investigation agencies struggle to identify the culprit, when a crime is committed by a psychopath because of the smartness of the psychopath in executing the crime and destroying the evidences. Since,