Compose A 750 Words Essay On Rapid Urban Growth Needs To Be Plagiarism Free Plan

Compose a 750 words essay on Rapid Urban Growth. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Planning and controlling the rapid urban growth is a matter of utter importance. It ensures that there is organisation and an intention for consideration of all areas and people in them.&nbsp.Rapid growth of urban population may imply there is increase in the productivity of urban areas. This results to numerous economic benefits for distribution to all the people even in rural areas of least developed countries. Urban growth initiates realisation of specific potentials within the localities (Glover 1972, 31). If these potentials are exploited for the good of all people rather than for the benefit of the few, then democracy can be on the high.Negative contributions to growth of democracy&nbsp.Urban growth in least developed countries puts immense pressure on the government functionality. The need to provide the population with necessary amenities as well as facilities for maintenance of better lives is tasking to the government. The efforts of the government in meeting the socialized needs of the urban population are the bargaining power.&nbsp. This means that areas with high urban tend to vote for socialized programs. In least developed countries, this is the main determinant of losing or retaining a power position in the government.Legislative positions in urban areas of least developed countries vary. The urban areas where larger populations dwell seize the main positions and power in the government. When the apportionment responsibility lacks, urban growth would lead and compel the government.

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