Compose A 750 Words Essay On Recommendations To Ford Needs To Be Plagiarism Free

Compose a 750 words essay on Recommendations to Ford. Needs to be plagiarism free!

The organization is a system and thus the processes within it are attentively looked into either in a symptomatic or systematic manner: the latter is likely to provide long lasting solutions. The Ford Company is a multinational automobile manufacturer (Ford 201). It derived its foundation on the need of its founder to provide a car for the ordinary American (Ford 201). Founded in 1903, the company has undergone major strides and setbacks to become one of the leading automotive companies within America and the whole world at large. The first model from Ford was the T-Model that sold almost fifteen million units before the end of production nineteen years later for a cost of $ 950 specifically moving the car industry from being a luxury item to a transportation means for the ordinary citizenry (Bak 200). Henry Ford not only targeted improving his model alone, but also improved the payments he made to all his workers and trimming down the working hours for his employees. This resulted to the creation of a three shift working regimen and effectively improving mass manufacturing that allowed the revolution of the motor industry. He also came up with the strategy to ensure task specialization by his workers thus improving efficiency in the industry. This made it possible to manufacture affordable cars allowing most Americans to own an automobile resulting to groundbreaking changes in the transport sector that brought about construction of highways and inception of the industrial revolution with the outset of the agrarian revolution. Henry Ford effectively run the company with profit margins amounting to billions of dollars seeing his company go through the economic crisis in 1929 and later the biggest automobile strike in 1941. He then supported the government during World War 1 by supplying the government with submarine chasers, automobiles as well as liberty airplanes. This endeared his company dearly to the administration.

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