Compose A 750 Words Essay On Ship Construction Needs To Be Plagiarism Free Pound

Compose a 750 words essay on Ship Construction. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Pounding stress can be reduced by reinforcing the hull plating at the bow end of the ship to prevent the plate from bending. Likewise, panting pressure can be countered through reinforcement of the framing at the ship’s end to avoid irregular movement of the hull plating. (Okumoto et. al, 2009)

A ship is basically a supported beam that is subjected to waves. This leads to external stresses i.e. sagging and hogging. Hogging occurs when a substantial portion of the center of the vessel is supported by the buoyant force of a wave with the rest of the vessel unsupported. This produces a tensile stress in the deck and also other compressive forces at the bottom of the hull. Likewise, sagging happens the center of the vessel is relatively unsupported with the either ends supported by a wave. The figure below shows the boom structure cut a way of the stress distribution in the hull through the hierarchy of structure and the direction of the stresses. (Derrett & Barrass, 2006)

The bending stresses are zero at one location i.e. the neutral axis. Also, the reaction forces are equal at both ends with no rotation. The bending stresses are positive in one flange and negative in the other in the middle of the span. Lastly, the shear stresses are highest in the middle of the span. (Derrett & Barrass, 2006)

The main parts of a double bottom include plating, bilge plating, floors, intercostal girders, bilges, brackets, longitudinals, pillars and angle clips. The double bottom mainly extends from the tank top to the flat keel and is watertight so as to keep the ship afloat in case of accidents. The intercostal girders combine with beams to form the deck’s longitudinal framing together with the longitudinals. Brackets are used to connect any two members of the double bottom while bilge plating is a longitudinal plating that is used to connect the bottom plating with the side shell plating. Pillars constitute vertical members that are used to connect the double