Compose A 750 Words Essay On Shouldice Hospitala Cut Above Needs To Be Plagiaris

Compose a 750 words essay on Shouldice HospitalA Cut Above. Needs to be plagiarism free!

In order to increase its capacity, Shouldice Hospital can add a total of 30 operations on Saturday. By doing this, the number of operations would be increased from 150 to 180. However, the number of beds staying at 90 would mean that Shouldice Hospital’s available bed days would remain at 630. The decision to include 30 operations on Saturday would increase the number of bed days used in Shouldice Hospital to 540. This means that the bed utilization rate would rise from 71.4% to 85.7%. However, the surgeons in the hospital would perform 2.5 operations per day or a total of 15 operations per week. This means that the total operations per operation room, per week, would increase to 36. Performing 30 more operations on Saturdays increases their utilization rate and their capacity. This will work since the number of hours per surgeon, operation room hours, and available beds are not exceeding with the increase in Shouldice Hospital’s capacity. Below is a table showing the effect of adding 30 operations on Saturday.

Shouldice Hospital can increase the number of their capacity by increasing the number of beds they have. However, so as to do so, Shouldice Hospital have to invest in capital expenditure so as to expand the facility. Increasing the number of beds by 50% will mean that the number of beds in the hospital will increase from the initial 90 to 135. Increasing the capacity of Shouldice Hospital with exactly 50% means that one room will only have one patient in it. Therefore, Shouldice Hospital may choose to increase the number of beds to 134 instead of 135. Through this increase, Shouldice Hospital would be in a position to perform a total of 45 operations per day or 225 operations per week. The available bed days, 135 days multiplied by 7, would be 945. Therefore, after the increase, Shouldice Hospital would have 945 total

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