Compose A 750 Words Essay On Why Violence Needs To Be Plagiarism Free Any Given

Compose a 750 words essay on Why Violence. Needs to be plagiarism free!

any given social set up solving problems through fighting is not viewed as a philanthropic way of solving problems, it is quite true that in some instances violence is the solution.

I agree with the author that violence is of great political importance to the society especially an effective method to solving problems of political dominance. For any kind of violence to be an effective solution to a given political problem, the people fighting should be more superior to their adversaries. It is a fact that the effect or threat of violence can compel acquiescence among people with different political views. Occasionally, peacefully expression of views or negotiations has always failed in finding a solution to political problems such as abuse of power, election problems, and power wrangles among others. The author does a great work by giving examples of countries and regimes where violence has been used as means to solving political problems. For instance, threats of violence led to the ousting of president Mubarak of Egypt by the protesters and Quddafi regime was only defeated through war (Ginsberg, 4).

It is a fact that violence is also an important aspect of political and social change in any given society setup as expressed by Ginsberg in the article. Over the past years since the end of world wars, different nations have been driven to invent and make advanced weapons that can be used to subdue their adversaries and bring power balance. This in turn has led to changes in both the social and political arena among nations involved. For instance, Iraq has been seeking to make nuclear weapons to gain control over the Middle East, which has also led to the emergence of terror groups that function through blackmail of the entire process. In addition to such political changes, I agree with the author that violence played a significant role in addressing the problems and challenged faced by the African Americans in the United States. Although social injustices such as

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