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Furthermore she chaired the department of veterinary anatomy and an associate professor in 1976-77 respectively. Interestingly, in both cases she became the first woman to attain those positions not just in her country Kenya, but the whole region. Active in the National Council of the Women of Kenya around 1976-81,she rose to become its chair in 1981-87,it was while still serving in this council of women that the idea of planting trees with the people was born in 1976.she continued to develop it into a broad based grass-roots organization whose main focus is the planting of trees with women groups in order to conserve the environment and improve their lives. Through the green-belt movement which she founded, she has assisted women plant more than 20 million trees on their farms, compounds and school (Nivola, 2008).

The green belt movement established a Pan African Green Belt Network which has exposed over 40 individuals from other African countries to the Green belt movement’s approach of planting trees and all over Africa. Some of these individuals have also established similar initiatives in their own countries. In this respect countries that have successfully launched similar initiative based on the model of Wangari’s Green belt movement include Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi Lesotho, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, etc. In September of 1998, she went ahead and launched a campaign dubbed the jubilee 2000 coalition. Embarking on new challenges, she sought to play a leading role as a co-chair of the jubilee coalition 2000 African Campaign, which sought cancellation of the unpayable back-log of debts of poor countries in Africa by the year 2000.She campaign heavily against land grabbing back in her own country Kenya, and the haphazard allocation of public land to private developers through corruption caught a lot of attention and limelight, opening the corruption of the ruling elite at that time in