Computer science week 5 assignment itmg281 | ITMG281 | American Public University System

This assignment is due by 2355 EST on Sunday.

Instructions: Use examples from the readings, lecture notes, and outside research to support your answers. Use high-quality sources (no Wikis, blogs, or anonymously authored articles). Be sure to follow APA guidelines for citing and referencing source material. Answer the below questions (250 words for each question):

1. (250 words + 1 reputable source)
Read Chapter 8. Review Question #4 on page 261 and then answer the following question: The district court is considering whether the exercise of personal jurisdiction is proper. What should it decide and why?

2. (250 words + 1 reputable source, which can be the case itself on page 275)
Read Chapter 9. Answer the following question: Apple Inc. and Major League Baseball (MLB) signed an agreement for the broadcast of games. MLB will offer two live games per day, subject to black-out restrictions. Then MLB plans to roll out an entire offering of out-of-market games currently offered only through its premium live streaming video service. Read the case, and describe how DRM can help protect Apple, MLB, or both. WARNING: Do not simply state your opinion without support.

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