concept map | integration of genetics and genomics of ethical nursing | Rasmussen College System



Explain the interdependence of genetics, genomics, and ethics on nursing care.


You are invited to a Lunch-and-Learn session sponsored by the hospital where you are currently completing your clinical rotations. The hospital’s Ethics Committee is scheduled to talk about the interdependence of genetics, genomics, and ethics. Three disease processes are slated for discussion: Sickle Cell Disease, Huntington’s disease, and Down syndrome. Select one of these genetic disease processes to address in this assignment. As you review resources available to you develop a concept map.


Make sure to include the following components in the concept map:

  • Describe the selected genetic or genomic condition.
  • Specify genetic and genomic assessment considerations.
  • Discuss the potential impact of genetic and genomic information on clients and families.
  • Describe and discuss ethical and legal concerns.
  • Share the scope of nursing practice anticipated in relation to genetic and genomic consideration for the chosen disease process.

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