. create a new project professional 2016

 1. To make sure you understand the information in this appendix, perform the steps yourself. Print out the following screen shots or send them to your instructor, as directed. Remember that you can download required files from www.intropm.com. a. Figure A-11. Network diagram view b. Figure A-16. Resource Overview report c. Figure A-23. Adding automatic outline numbers and a project summary task d. Create a new Project Professional 2016 file called general-wbs. Make the main categories survey phase, design phase, and implementation phase. Include at least two deliverables with at least two activities and one milestone under each of the phases. Use meaningful, fictitious names for them. For example, you might have a deliverable under survey phase called survey with activities called create survey and administer survey and a deliverable called survey completed. Enter 0 for the duration of the milestones, but do not enter any durations for the other tasks. Be sure to indent tasks and show the outline numbers before printing or submitting the file.  

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