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Forensic Evidence

Discussion: Pick ONE of the Forensic Evidence Topics from Chapter 10 to discuss. In your initial post

  • describe and define the topic you have selected (including citation and source information)
  • explain how that type of forensic evidence can be applied in an investigative (what types of crimes it is associated with, how does it move an investigation forward)
  • discuss any strengths or weaknesses in that type of forensic evidence (is it hard to collect? how difficult is it to get analyzed? how conclusive is it?)

For example, if you have multiple shooting incidents where casings are recovered ballistic evidence can be useful in connecting crime scenes together, but without a recovered firearm, eyewitnesses accounts video of the crime, etc – how useful is that ballistic information? Plus, how easy is it to get that evidence to the right location to get it analyzed and compared? etc.


  • Your initial post should be a minimum of 270 words. .
  • Failure to do so will result in a deduction in points.
  • All initial posts should reference the textbook or at least one outside source. All sources must be cited using APA guidelines. 

 Course Resources/Textbooks:

Course readings imbedded into the course. 

Brown, Thomas. (2019), “Criminal Investigation”. Virginia Wesleyan University. OERCommons. eBook.
Viewed from:

Lewandowski, Carla and Jeff Bumgarner. (2021) “Criminal Justice in America: The Encyclopedia of Crime,
Law Enforcement, Courts and Corrections”, Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, Volumes 1 and 2: Available
Online via EGCC Gale EBooks at: Gale eBooks,
Accessed 14 June 2022.  

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