Date of submission : 7 March 2019 Word count 3000 words ( + 20%/1 – 10% ) excluding appendices and bibliography / references . Task a) First ,…


I have Leadership and People Management assignment / need your help to do it if this is possible. Then I can add on where necessary.

I have attached the assignment brief, my late deadline to submit it is 13March2019

Please advise how can you assist, how to share more from course material as guidance and what to expect?


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Date of submission : 7 March 2019Word count 3000 words ( + 20%/1 – 10% ) excluding appendices and bibliography / references .Taska) First , critically assess academic perspectives on how leaders and managers analyse then adjust totheir environment ."b) Then , using insights developed in the first part of the assignment , analyse how well an organisationof your choice developEd its management of people in relation to its environment*This assignment assesses the following course objectives :`1 .Analyse the existing human resources management ! HRN ; practices in an organisation in order toplan how to facilitate and manage changes .*2 .Provide an understanding of the relevant theories , origins and best practices involved in managingpeople in the workplace by establishing an understanding of the key Elements of leadership / people*management , including structure , culture , management , team working , training , development ,coaching , mentoring , communication , influencing , performance and motivation .\3 .Incorporate behavioural theories in order to Establish and implement strategies for the interaction ofPEOPLE and technology ; benefits and pitfalls .`4 .Evaluate best practice in communicating with employees both directly and through trades unions !"workers cooperatives*Assessment criteria :`Nature of the topic/introduction*1080* review of appropriate academic literature*Analysis and discussion35 9/0Conclusions and recommendations*15 %Presentation & referencing10%’0"You are required to provide a minimum of 10 appropriate academic references to supportyour work )

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