Digital forenics | Criminal homework help


In this assignment, you will be assessed on your knowledge of scientific methodologies surrounding digital forensics. By exploring the details of this article, you will be able to explain how methodologies are applied to an investigation. Imagine you are a criminal investigator on a digital forensic case. You are asked by the task force to report on the scientific methodologies used to solve the case. 

Read the article on Advances in Digital Forensics from the University Library and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) case study on the Emotet malware case.  

Write a 1,200- to 1,400-word report to the attorney general’s task force detailing the following:  

  • Explain how digital forensics may differ compared to traditional forensic science.   
  • Explain the processes digital forensics investigations follow and the phases that are involved.  
  • Assess the scientific methods used for the Emotet malware case.  
  • Provide the challenges of the scientific method applied on the Emotet malware case.  
  • Describe your own scientific method you would apply to the Emotet malware case.  
  • Provide your rationale.
  • Provide a small table in the body of this report that summarizes important points — a five point deduction if not done.
  • Provide a one paragraph appendix at the end of this report…this appendix should be copied from an outside source showing an important point(s) related to this assignment – a five point deduction if not done. 

Please cite one literature reference (found outside the classroom) in the body of this report using correct APA formatting that reinforces what you are saying, and list this literature reference with correct APA formatting on a literature reference page at the end of this report – eight point deduction for no literature reference.

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