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 My biggest nutritional challenge is actually eating enough in a day. I used to be a server and I would go into the late afternoon, sometimes even the evening and not have eaten anything. My water consumption would also be stopped because as a server you do not always have time to go to the bathroom when you need to. I am now no longer a server, but I work in the catering business. That requires me to work crazy hours at times which hinders me from always eating at a reasonable time. This all being said, since our diet project I have reflected on my eating habits and have brainstormed ways to improve my diet and make my life easier when it comes to meal prep and cooking. I know that I tend to be an impulse food buyer, as in if I am hungry, I will stop somewhere quick and convenient instead of making food at home. Some of the things that I am changing to improve my diet are: finding healthy and easy snacks to eat, planning meal prep for the week, brainstorming meals for the week ahead of time, and grocery shopping after making a list (instead of winging it when I am there). 

I am not sure what to think of genetically modified foods. It kind of freaks me out that the food is not natural and is being modified somewhere, but at the same time I know there is a need for this. I also feel like there is not much of a difference between organic food and conventional food. I feel like it is somewhat of a marketing ploy to get people to spend more money. This all being said, I do not think genetically modified food and organic food is safer than conventional food.

I do think that we will continue to see a rise in obesity in the USA, especially given how unhealthy we found out last week that fast food is. Additionally, healthier foods tend to be more expensive, and some people are unable to afford it.

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What is your biggest nutrition challenge?  Is it eating healthy?  Having safe food for your family?  

I would say that my biggest nutrition challenge is eating healthy on a consistent basis. Recently I have started meal prepping for half of my week and that food usually consists of salads,  smoothies, and other fruits and vegetables to help make sure that I’m getting the nutrients that I need. Unfortunately on days that I don’t have anything prepared or I choose something quick like fast food, the quality of my food is not the best. For my family, I would say that we generally eat pretty healthy. We don’t really buy too many snacks so food options around the house stay limited. 

Do you think organic and genetically modified foods are safe or better than conventional food?  Why or why not?  

I would like to think that organic foods are much  better than genetically modified foods and probably better than conventional food as well. I think that organic foods have less preservatives, added ingredients, and toxins. Genetically modified foods don’t sound like a good thing to ingest. It usually contains fillers or other ingredients that could in turn be bad for your health. Land produced food is better than lab produced food.

Do you think we will continue to see a rise in obesity in the United States?  

Yes, I do think we will continue to see a rise in obesity within the United States. I think especially with the escalating climate of the pandemic and mental health awareness some people are less consumed with eating habits and fitness when met with the other things going on in their lives. Some people also use food as a way to cope and find comfort. Another reason for obesity is the lack of nutrition education, especially for adults.

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