Discussion reply:quasar vintage 1981 | Electronic Engineering homework help


This is the Quasar Vintage 1981 25″ Color Console TV.

Screenshot 2023-04-13 184152.png

  • Elaborate on the pros and cons of the design.

In 1981 having a remote come with a TV was a big deal. I also suppose  that this TV console could double as a table to set things on. The  major con would be how heavy this TV was. 

  • If you had to redesign the entertainment center that you selected for your time period, what would you change in the design?

If I redesigned this entertainment center, I would focus on  minimizing its thickness. That way it would be much lighter to move  around. It would also look more modern.

Free Hand 1.jpg

  • Discuss why you think your redesign is better than the others in the market.

The new design keeps the vintage look. It is also much thinner which  makes moving it around much easier. Also, with the tv not being as thick  and having the vintage look, there could be a more diverse age range of  consumers. 

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