Diversity in k-12 education | English homework help

Week 4 e-Activity .

•Complete the Digital Sexism Quiz (not graded), located at http://www.edchange.org/multicultural/quiz/digital-sexism-quiz.pdf. Be prepared to discuss.

Week 4 Discussion 1
“Analysis of Gender Bias”  Please respond to the following:

•* Based on the e-Activity, speculate on why the quiz yielded the results that it did, and analyze how those results relate to your perceptions of gender behavior in education. Propose two to three ways in which teachers can ensure that their instructional strategies are gender-fair.
•Examine two to three reasons why research is suggesting that single-sex schools appear to be making a comeback. Debate whether this trend toward single-sex schooling should be supported or whether the focus should remain on the coeducational experience

Week 4 Discussion 2
The Feminist Phase Theory”  Please respond to the following:

•Analyze two to three problems found in the contribution and bifocal phases of feminist phase theory, and then evaluate the extent to which those problems have or have not been eliminated in current views of gender in society. Provide examples to support your analysis.
•Analyze at least two effects that one of the five phases in the feminist phase theory had on school systems, and then determine which phase is most evident in classes you have encountered. Provide examples to support your rationale.

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