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Business Analysis Proposal-Embraer.

Embraer is a Brazilian multinational company offering immeasurable value in developing and manufacturing aircraft and other allied systems. The company is a major supplier of aircraft to the armed forces in Latin America, Asia, and the United States. With its headquarters in Pinheiros, Brazil, Embraer was founded in 1969 with the help of the national government (Dias et al., 2018). The foundation was based on the dire need to revolutionize technology in the aviation industry.

I have chosen Embraer company for various reasons. In line with Embraer’s focus on technology integrations, design, and innovative engineering, the company has facilitated the massive transformations experienced in Brazil’s aviation industry. With support from a wide range of collaborators, partners, and Brazilians, Embraer is considered one of the large commercial aircraft companies. Unimaginably, Embraer has facilitated operations in executive, defense, security, and commercial aviation. Thus, it becomes necessary to explore its approach to its success and significance to the aviation industry (Dias et al., 2018). Also, I choose Embraer due to its prominence in customer services, including maintenance services and after-sale customer support. The company’s Corporate Social Responsibility is also worth exploring.

The primary issue of interest at Embraer is based on its organizational structure, its culture, productivity, and general performance as a multinational company. Essentially, the company is cautious in the dynamic world and takes all the precautions to remain competitive in the aviation industry globally. Embraer is strategically organized to benefit from highly skilled labor, access to locally available raw materials, a phenomenal brand name, huge domestic market demand, and favorable manufacturing costs. Also, the company’s phenomenal sales and distribution network and robust supply chain add to the Embraer list of fascinating aspects (Teles & Dias (2022). Finally, Embraer appreciates an innovative mindset in overcoming the most significant challenges, a key driver to success in the contemporary landscape.


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