Economic forecast paper and presentation

Here are some suggestions of items that you could look at in writing your economic forecast.  
This is certainly not an exhaustive list but only intended to give you some general items. Charts and Graphs are to be included as appendices to the body of your paper. You may also want to include a regional, national, and international perspective.  

I. Domestic  
    A. Inflation
         1. Consumer Price Index
         2. Producer Price Index  

     B. Unemployment
         1. Unemployment Rate
         2. New Claims  
         3. Duration of Unemployment  
    C. Work Week  
         1. Average Hours  
    D. Interest Rate
         1. Prime Rate  
    E. Consumer Debt  
    F. Stock Market
         1. DJIA
         2. AMEX  
    G. Orders for Durable Goods
    H. Housing Market
     I. Foreign Trade
         1. Demand for Imports
         2. Supply of Exports  
    J. Foreign Economies
         1. Demand for US Goods
         2. Supply of Goods  
    K.  Consumer Confidence

II. Resources – Here are some interesting links that may be helpful.  Certainly not limited here.  
  A. Bureau of Economic Analysis   
  B. White House Issues Economy  
  C. Bureau of Labor Statistics   

This is an 8-page report based upon the outline provided of where the economy is headed and the prospects for National Economy. Based upon your reading and research what is the state of the Economy, is it declining or improving trends, and what does the next 6 – 12 months look like in that industry or overall economy based upon your research.  

***Please follow the rubric
***Please finish the paper by 07/26/2023 6PM EST  (U.S Eastern Time)

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