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This simulation is a decision-making experience designed for the conscious application of the virtues guiding your vision and actions as a leader. It is not a test – you are not being evaluated. It is not a tutorial – this is not designed to teach specific applications, but rather provide an opportunity to make decisions and reflect on choices in light of how virtue may have been applied.

Context: Some members of the eighth-grade football team seem to be bringing their gregarious gridiron behavior into the classroom, upsetting some members of the school community.

Key Characters • Amy, a veteran teacher • Sarah, a novice teacher in Amy’s department • Coach Tim, coach of the football team • Clarissa, a concerned teacher • Students

Trade-offs to Consider • Making decisions based on school values while considering context • Supporting staff members while challenging them at the same time • Balancing the needs and desires of different stakeholders

Post in Assignments: PDF of completion & Feedback form (f
orm-provided in this module)

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