Education ece/cda 100 assignment 1/ professional publication | Eatly Childhood Education

Professional Publication Assignment: 10 points

The purpose of this assignment is to provide students an opportunity to familiarize themselves with published research. 

The tasks of the assignment are as follows:

  1. Choose an empirical article from a professional journal where the author(s) describes the purpose, method, and results of a scientific investigation. Some examples of relevant journals in Developmental Psychology are:
  2.  Developmental Psychology
  3. Human Development
  4. Merrill-Palmer Quarterly
  5. Child Development
  6. Adolescence
  7. Journal of Youth and Adolescence
  8. Journal of Early Adolescence 
  9. Journal of Black Psychology
  10. Developmental Review
  11. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
  12. Journal of Marriage and the Family
  13. Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences
  14.  Death Studies

Note that not all research articles are complicated reading. As a novice, it might help to browse through the journals until you come upon one that is of interest, as well as readable. Students may use one from above

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