Education portfolio leadership level 1 c assignment (dee)

Portfolio Assignment Leadership, Level I C – SAMPLE
Identify a professional organization to which you want to belong. Secure information on this

organization, including information on becoming a member and list benefits to you as a director.

A student would be successful if the submission identifies the organization and how to become a

member, and describes 5 benefits of membership, at least two of which should refer to

professional development.

Professional Organization: NC Institute for Child Development Professionals (NCICDP)

PO Box 959

Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Telephone: 919-942-7442


Information on the organization:

The mission of the Institute is to promote the implementation of a comprehensive professional

development and recognition system that links education and compensation for the child care

workforce to ensure high quality care and education services for children and families.

Becoming a Member

To become a member, visit the following website and download a membership application:

Benefits as a Director

There are two Membership Levels: Basic ($100) and Comprehensive ($250). The two

highlighted areas refer to professional development.

Membership Levels/Benefits

$100 Basic Organizational Membership

• Quarterly e-newsletter

• Discounted NCICDP sponsored Professional Development Opportunities

• Website login to exclusive members page

$250 Basic Organizational Membership

• Access to recorded webinars

• Eligible to serve on NCICDP Board Committees

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