Education unit 3: assignment – infant or toddler placement site chart



Contact information for the placement of the site you will attend for an infant OR toddler classroom to complete Project I.


Find a school within your surrounding area that meets the criteria for the following: 

  1. Must be a licensed child care center or school with an infant OR toddler classroom (ages birth to age 3). Might be accredited by the state or NAEYC. Classroom teacher has a bachelor’s degree in Child or Family Studies or other study within the field of Education.
  2. Must be approved for the student to attend at least two different times (one for observation and one for implementing the planned lesson).
  3. The classroom teacher must be willing to collaborate for the planning process in addition to signing approval for materials and process as well as the Time Record form for each attended visit.
  4. All contact information for the site – name, address and phone number; and all contact information for the classroom teacher – name, age of classroom (identifying whether it is an infant or toddler classroom) and phone number must be included and completed on the provided chart.\

Infant or toddler placement chart and rubric.doc Download Infant or toddler placement chart and rubric.docInfant or toddler placement chart and rubric.doc

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