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In Week 4, you will implement an element of the plan you proposed in Week 3.

As a reminder, here are the details of this program:

· The training is required and will take place quarterly.

· During the other eight months of the year, all employees must complete one training credit per month from a selection of full- and half-credit training options. Full-credit trainings will take about four hours to complete, and half-credit trainings will take about two hours. 

· This new policy takes effect in the next quarter, and the first training covers the training program itself. A website listing available trainings will be available at the beginning of the upcoming quarter. (You can use the URL in your assignment if you like, but this is not a working link.) 

· Interested employees can propose trainings that they will design and present, for which they can also receive training credit. A full credit is given for the initial design and presentation, and a half-credit will be given each additional time the training is presented. Employee-designed trainings may not be offered more than once per quarter. The link to propose a training is at the bottom of the training catalog website.

For this assignment, you may develop a video, interactive, animation, infographic, or other product that is not primarily text-based. The message should explain some element or elements of the training program. Some technology tools to consider are PowerPoint, Canva, Screencast-o-matic, Adobe Express or, if you have an iPhone or iPad, Apple Clips or Keynote. You can find support materials for using these tools in the recommended resources for this week. It is also acceptable to use tools not listed here. Exactly what you do for this assignment will vary depending on your goal and tool, and you can view a sample of the assignment here.

Your plan should include

·  Details where the digital asset you create fits into the larger plan. It is acceptable to include copied content from your Week 3 assignment for this part of the assignment.

· Talk about your process and experience in creating your digital asset, including identification of the tool or tools you used to create it.

The text content you submit should be the equivalent of a 1-to-2-page assignment. 

It is expected you will spend 5 to 10 hours planning and creating your digital asset. If you are spending much less time than that, it will likely affect your grade. 

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