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Writer’s Journal Entry 3: Drafting for Major Writing Assignment (MWA1)

In this writer’s journal entry, begin drafting your MWA1: Writing In My _____ report. First, review this unit’s readings on IMRaD structure. Then, use these tips to write a 1-3 paragraph draft of your “Methods” section:

· Describe your 
research questions:

· What are you hoping to learn from your research?

· Why do the answers to your questions matter?

· Who else cares about your research, besides you, and why?

· What motivated you to conduct this research?

· Describe your 
research methods:

· How will you go about gathering information to explore your research question?

· Why did you select this approach?

· What search strategies will you use?

· Do you plan to consult primary sources, secondary sources, or both? Why?

· Besides collecting sources, how will you explore your research questions? What other methods will you use, and why?

· Describe your 

· What do you plan to learn from your research?

· What new questions do you expect to have after conducting your research?

200 words

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