Elementary school mission, vision, and culture


Teachers need to understand their school’s mission and vision in order to communicate with students and families. This will assure students and families that the school has their best interest at heart.

For the assignments in this course, you will need to become familiar with the schools in your area. The information you will need about schools should be readily available on the school or district website. Select one school to be the focus of assignments for this course.

Research the mission and vision statements for a school in your area that aligns with your values. Create a digital teacher resource (brochure) for new teachers on your campus about the school’s mission, vision, culture, and climate. Include the following:

  • Provide the mission and vision statements from your selected school.
  • Discuss school culture and climate and how they are informed by their mission and vision statements.
  • Explain how the school mission and vision statements act as guiding principles for faculty and staff.
  • Provide 2-3 examples of how the school mission, vision, and/or culture can be implemented (e.g., daily routines, classroom routines, posters, flyers).

When completing this assignment please use the school district Memphis-Shelby County Schools . The school is Downtown Elementary School in Memphis, TN. website for mission and vision statement is as follows…..

 Our School / Mission & Vision (scsk12.org) 

Again, this should be a brochure 

Thank you

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