Excel analysis | Operations Management homework help


Follow the instructions on using Excel to create a regression equation and retrieve historical data on Yahoo (see the files under Module 11) for this assignment.  The Walmart Regression file under module 11 is a sample of how your completed task should look. 


Pull the historical data on your favorite company at Yahoo Finance (https://finance.yahoo.com/lookup) or any website for January 2022 to December 2022, and use the monthly closing stock prices to find the following. 

Show your work in Excel (the equations should be embedded under the cells containing the following values):

1. Find the slope (a) and intercept (b). 

2. Create the linear regression (equation). 

3. Predict the stock price at the close of  December 2023 (show your work leading to the price)

Submit your assignment in Excel with the historical monthly data in the following columns. Include the name of the company whose stock price you predict and the website link where you retrieved the historical data. Be sure items 1 to 3 above are also included in your submission.

Use the columns below:

Column 1 = Date Column 2 = Open $ Column 3 = Low $ Column 4 = Close $ Column 5 = Month (x)   

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