Final project – collegiate sports marketing plan powerpoint

 ,  students will choose their favorite college football, men’s basketball,  or women’s basketball team. Remember, only select one college sports  team for this project.  Students  will be evaluated on accuracy of information, clarity of information  provided, organization of content and information provided, visual  design of the presentation, and the ability to demonstrate understanding  of key concepts in sport marketing.  


  • Name and sport of college team selected (i.e. Kansas Jayhawks Men’s Basketball)
  • Location of your university (city/state)
  • 10 points of interest about the location of your university
  • Student enrollment
  • Tuition costs
  • Mascot
  • Stadium information (number of seats/description of facilities/photos)
  • Recent Team Schedule
  • Identify  10 segments for the athletic department to market for the team you  selected. Think beyond demographics and look at motives and the benefits  sought.
  • Prepare a ticket pricing strategy for the college sports team you selected along with a promotional plan to  
  • market  single game tickets and season tickets for home games. Include specific  game day promotional strategies for selected home games.
  • Prepare a marketing and promotion strategy for current students, alumni, and fans in the community to attend home games.
  • Prepare a social media strategy to engage students, alumni, and fans for the college sports team you selected.
  • Prepare  a marketing and promotion strategy for high school seniors to encourage  them to attend this university. You must emphasize things that are  important to parents like the academic status of the university,  enrollment, majors offered, location of the university, cost of the  education, and campus activities (including emphasizing the popularity  of athletics

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