Finance – foundation of money management


1) Setting goals is one of the steps of the financial planning process. Provide some examples of financial goals that may be important for a family. 

Select one goal that is important to you and briefly discuss how this goal will influence your future financial planning.

2)  Certain behaviors can either assist or hamper reaching financial goals . One such negative source is not controlling or being unaware of spending habits.

 Review your own personal spending over the past few months. Identify sources of “money leaks”. (A “money leak” can be defined as an “unbudgeted” expenditure – to include going beyond the budget set for the item) .

Did the extent and/or category of the money leak surprise you?

What might you do to control future money leaks?

For reference , here are some short articles on money leaks:

9 Money LeaksLinks to an external site.

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3)  What is a minimalist lifestyle ? 

What may be the impact on expenses, debt, savings and stress if one adopts a minimalist lifestyle ? 

Would you consider adopting a minimalist lifestyle ? 

For reference , here are some short and varied articles on a minimalist lifestyle:

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4) What is consumer credit?

List two good reasons to borrow and two unnecessary reasons to borrow.

What forms of consumer credit do you have? Which is the costliest? What can you do to lower the credit costs?

Suppose you just received your credit card statement and noticed a charge to a store that you have never patronized. What steps should you take to handle this?


What common tax-saving methods are available to most individuals and households?

Per your chosen or possible career path (position and geographic area), determine the average salary with this tool: SalaryLinks to an external site.
Links to an external site.

(Use lower band amount if entry level . Entry level is no or little previous work in the field).

Divide your salary by twelve. This is your monthly gross salary.

Once you obtain the salary information, calculate your actual taxes (make your own assumptions per your personal situation for deductions, etc.) via the Taxact calculator: TaxesLinks to an external site.
Links to an external site.

Next, use the following Payroll Tax Calculator (CalculatorLinks to an external site.) to calculate your FICA deduction from your annual salary.

Take the employee amount (as your employer pays the the other half) and combine with the federal taxes derived in the above step. Deduct this amount from your yearly salary. This is your yearly “after-tax”yearly salary.

Divide the after tax”salary by twelve to obtain the monthly after tax salary. 

What is the dollar difference between your monthly gross and your monthly after-tax salary ?  

Is the after-tax salary the amount you actually would take home ?

Or could there be either more pre or post tax deductions ?

Please list some of the possible pre-tax deductions

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