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Exercise 3, Executive Proposal with Outline Directions

Goal: The purpose of the proposal is to help me understand what you want to write about and why. What you want to avoid is a first draft that sounds like a freewrite instead of a well-organized essay. It’s a lot easier to get started on an essay once you’ve figured out the outline. It will keep you from rambling; therefore, it creates less work for you over time. (Hint: This is why outlines are crucial for timed-essays.)

Word Count: 500 words minimum


1.     Write a 100-word proposal where you explain your analysis.

2.     Include the thesis statement you wrote in the previous exercise. Please bold this thesis statement, so that I can spot it immediately.

3.     Think about how you’d like to organize your essay. Create a bullet point outline explaining each point you would want to address in each paragraph. Include supporting evidence/examples.

4.     Each main point must include the topic sentence, supporting evidence, and one quote.

5.     Submit your assignment on Moodle. As always, double check the directions to make sure you’re not missing anything.

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