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How to Access Rosetta Stone

When you have completed Unit 1 of Rosetta Stone, please submit a Learner Progress Report in PDF (see instructions attached).

Please be advised that this course contains four units of Rosetta Stone, meaning 16 lessons over the course of 8 weeks. Twenty percent of your course grade comes from the completion of these 16 lessons comprising the 4 units.

There are two ways to receive credit for the Rosetta Stone portion. Choose one of the two options. If you have no experience in the French language, I strongly recommend option one.

  • Option A, Full Completion: Complete 100% of the exercises from the four lessons and reviews in each of the four units. In other words, to receive 100% credit, complete 100% of the Rosetta Stone exercises available to you. If you are a beginning student and you want to learn the language, this is the option that we would most recommend to you.
  • Option B, Performance on Core Lessons and Milestones: At the beginning of each of the sixteen lessons, you will find a Core Lesson. To receive full credit for the Unit, you must achieve a score of 80% or higher on each of the four Core Lessons and on the Milestone at the end of each unit. This means five completed activities for each unit, with a score of 80% or better on each of the five. If you already understand the language and you would like to certify that knowledge with college credit, this is the option that we would recommend to you. This is not recommended for students with no prior knowledge of the language. (If you choose this option, you do not have to complete all of the lessons in the unit.)

To gain access to Rosetta Stone, click on Course Materials in the online classroom then French I. You can check to make sure you are in the right section by comparing the content with Lessons or our Weekly Schedule. You should work through the four units (with four lessons and a review in each unit) of the program at the pace outlined in the schedule below.

Remember that you must complete two lessons per week. That means approximately every three days you must complete a lesson. I encourage you to pace yourself. Repetition and regularity are an essential elements of successful language acquisition and will greatly improve your average. I highly recommend working with Rosetta Stone for 45 to 60 minutes every single day rather than three or six hours once or twice per week. I encourage you to repeat the exercises as much as you need to achieve the scores and level of comprehension that make you comfortable.

Once you complete each UNIT (at the end of each two-week period), you should submit the unit via Assignments and attach a Learner Progress Report as a PDF attachment (Not Excel please). Instructions for doing so are under assignments and resources. These reports can give you an excellent indicator of your individual progress. Do not submit a unit via assignments until it is complete, and you are ready to be graded.

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