Functional attributes and psychological attributes.

Explain how functional attributes and psychological attributes determine the level of customer satisfaction in the post-purchase?   In your opinion, do all customers give the same importance to each attribute?  Please explain. 

Please see below a sample of this assignment so you have an idea of what I need, thank you.

Sample of the assignment:

The quantity of consumer pleasure that can be experienced after a purchase is influenced by the psychological and functional characteristics of a product. For instance, the functional attribute of a truck is the total weight it can haul. The consumer’s post-purchase attitude is influenced by the psychological and functional characteristics of a product. For instance, if a product has strong functional attributes, such as reliability and durability, then the consumer registers a positive attitude. There are various factors that can affect a consumer’s satisfaction with a purchase. The psychological and functional characteristics of a product are the most important factors that consumers consider when it comes to making a decision. A product’s functional attributes are the characteristics that it uses to carry out a specific function. These characteristics are very important because they can affect how well it can meet the needs of its consumers. High-quality functional features can boost a product’s customer satisfaction while low-quality features make it to lose its appeal. The psychological characteristics of a product are the feelings that a buyer has about it. These traits can affect how a client interacts with the product. Targeting high-quality psychological is critical if a seller wishes to achieve customer preferences.

Some customers value the functional characteristics of a product more than its psychological aspects. This suggests that some clients may not be satisfied with a service or product due to their priorities. For instance, some customers value the functional attributes of a product while others place a higher value on its psychological aspects. A customer seeking for a durable product might be less satisfied if it has a shorter lifespan than a similar model with a higher quality. On the other hand, a buyer who is seeking a fashionable product might be more likely to be disappointed by products that are not fashionable.

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