Gb560 — unit 1 designing, improving, and implementing processes

Unit 1 Assignment : Designing, Improving, and Implementing Processes 



1. Provide the name of the organization. This must be a real organization and you may use the organization where you currently work. Describe the organization’s size and summarize the primary mission of the organization. Do not simply copy from the organization’s mission statement.


2. From your research of the organization, identify a single Business Process Change that the organization will need to contemplate and undertake in the coming year. These changes can result from new technologies, economic issues, or changes in the marketplace.


3. Utilizing the Capability Maturing Model (CMM), outline briefly what changes will need to be undertaken at each of the five stages (see text pages xxxiii-xxxiv).


4. Evaluate Porter’s three-phase process in your text (page 32, figure 2.1) for defining a company strategy and create a simple chart of the recommended change addressing issues in each phase. Assignment submission: Before you submit your Assignment, you should save your work on your computer in a location that you will remember. Submit this Assignment with your name, course number, section, and date to the Dropbox before the end of the unit. 

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