Go16_ac_ch08_grader_8g_as – inventory management | Computer Science homework help

GO16_AC_CH08_GRADER_8G_AS – Inventory Management

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     Start   Access. Download, save, and open the database named go_a08_grader_a3.accdb.


Open   the Intro Screen form in Design view. Change the Pop Up and Modal properties   to Yes. Save and Close the form


Create   a macro to open the Intro Screen form with the comment Opens the Intro Screen form immediately following the action. In   the Show/Hide group, be sure the Show All Actions button is active. Save the   macro as autoexec.


Add   the action OpenForm to open the Inventory Data form with the comment Opens the Inventory Data form   immediately following the action.


Add   the action DisplayHourglassPointer with the Comment Displays the busy icon immediately following the action.


Add   the Echo action. In the Echo Action Block, change the Echo On box to No.   Click in the Status Bar Text box, and then type Macro is running.   Add the comment Hides the flickering   screen as the macro runs immediately following the action.

  Move the first OpenForm action and comment below the Echo macro comment. Save   and close the macro.


Open   the Inventory Data form in Design view. In the Detail Section, add a Button   control at the 2-inch mark on the horizontal ruler and three dots below the   Detail section bar with the caption &Inventory   List.   Embed a macro to Open the Inventory by Vendor report in Print Preview. Save   and Close the macro. Save and close the form.


Open   the Employees table in Datasheet view. Add a data macro Before Change. Add   the If Block with the condition [# Hours]>=32.


In   the If Block, add the SetField action to set Status   to “Full time”.


In   the If Block, add an Else block, and then add the SetField action to set Status to “Part   time”.   Close the Macro Designer, saving changes. Save the table.


In   Record 4, update the # Hours to 18,   in Record 5 update the # Hours to 33.   Click in the first field in the first record, and notice the updates to the   Status field. Close the table.


Save   the database. Close the database, and then exit Access. Submit the database   as directed.

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