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Reflective Discussion #3

  1. Describe the qualities found in a public administrator who is globally competent. Now identify someone you know in a leadership position from government or the nonprofit community without identifying them by name or where this person works or lives.  Is that person globally competent?   Do they need to be to be effective in their position?  Identify what, if anything is missing and how they might become globally competent.  Reflect on each other’s examples and feel free to add your own. (25 pts)
  2. What does the ideal welcoming community look like? Develop and describe the ideal welcoming community.  Identify programs and practices local government should promote.  What challenges to local officials face in creating such a community?  Consider both the political and administrative challenges and any potential theoretical approaches that might aid in the development of a welcoming community. (25 pts)

FYI:  Students will post a critical response that applies relevant  course concepts, theories, or materials correctly with citation of sources. Positions taken should be supported by facts and rely on policy and practice, not emotion.   Students should provide support for positions taken with applicable resources beyond assigned reading.  Students should also apply relevant professional, personal, or other real-world   experiences. 

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