Green contract | Architecture and Design homework help

•  You will research ideas on how to be more “Green”
in your day to day activity and decide on a minimum
of (3) green living actions for each of the following
1. At Home – Ex. Turn off water while brushing teeth
– You will need 3 action items.
2. At Work or School – Ex. Start a recycling Program
at work – You will need 3 action items.
3. Socially – Ex. Carpool to meet for coffee, instead
of everyone taking their own car – You will need 3
action items.

•  You will have a total of at least (9) ways in which you
will actively “go green.”   
•  You will type up a “Green Contract.”  This will be a
document that you will sign, it will include your
action items and a place for your signature.  The
contract will run for the length of the semester and
have the end date of the last day of class.   

This typed agreement will be presented on a power
point slide and should be sent to my email by the next
class meeting.  
•  You will be responsible for keeping a weekly journal,
recording what actions were and were not taken or
implemented.  Please use a Power Point
presentation slide for your weekly entries.  Please
create and appropriate title as your heading.  This
assignment must be done weekly and in a neat and
organized fashion.  
•  This is an on-going assignment that lasts throughout
the semester.  


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